About us

Hello! Let me introduce the Folktales team:

- Medusa Dollmaker, artist, artisan, witch, part time gorgon and country girl.

- Miriam Alonso, multitask legend, full time writter and crafter.

We are best friends and coworkers with a common dream: to keep magic and folktales alive and to share it with others.

We live in Valencia, Spain. Our studio/workspace is placed in Medusa's home in the countryside, where we try to work as we live: slow, with love, connected to nature, listening to our body and mind. We believe in a conscious lifestyle, we believe in Folktales

We want to share with you beautiful, witchy and cute products for a slow lifestyle inspired by nature, magic and folktales.

Most of our products are handmade, produced or sourced locally in Spain, by local providers or artisans/small bussinesses. We sell some exclusive original designs, available as postcards, prints, sterling silver jewellery, wood bookmarks, home decor and other stuff.

In our shop there's also room for international artisans and providers.

We're working hard to keep our shop sustainable and there's still so much to do, so you'll see that we repurpose cartons and other materials to wrap orders. Our envelopes look less fancy but generating less waste is beautiful and it aligns better with our values. 

We try to minimize the use of plastics in our shop. If you have some news about the latests sustainability trends for small bussiness like us, drop us an email to folktalesmarket@gmail.com. 

If you're a retailer shop and you're interested in placing a wholesale order to sell our products, drop us an email to folktalesmarket@gmail.com and we'll try to send some info ASAP.

Welcome to Folktales.