Beating Stress I: ASMR Relaxing Sounds

Eng/ Hey there! I thought on starting a series of posts about calming (and inspiring) stuff, so we can learn together, step by step, how to relax and to beat stress and anxiety. I hope you find this helpful, and I hope you participate sharing your tips in the comments section! A follower of mine (hello,…

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5 inspiring Folk Instagram accounts

The idea of creating Folk Tales market was an old dream of me. Not only for the sake of owning a new shop of all things rustic and inspiring but to invite people to live slow. To breathe, to create, to think twice, to stop avoiding oneself. To start caring for ourselves and our feelings….

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Welcome to our little folk nook!

We are happy to share with you a lifestyle. An evening with the breeze flowing among the trees. The sound of nature, of birds and leafs dancing with the wind, the water in the river, the smell of just baked pumpkins, the fierce voice of the sea, the fresh nights under a starry night, the sound of stepping over dry leafs in fall. A voice telling folk tales by the fireplace.

All this and more is Folk Tales, the feeling of being wild.

Welcome to our world.