5 inspiring Folk Instagram accounts

The idea of creating Folk Tales market was an old dream of me. Not only for the sake of owning a new shop of all things rustic and inspiring but to invite people to live slow. To breathe, to create, to think twice, to stop avoiding oneself. To start caring for ourselves and our feelings. To raise your eyes again to the starry nights. To appreciate nature around us. To not miss the little things, wich are the big things in life. To dream and learn from the old tales, to create new ones.
Not everyone was made to live slow, but you may agree everyone needs to stop and breath from time to time.
Well here we go! My first selection of 5 Folk instagram accounts to inspire your slow days!

1. Fiona Annal
Hands down, she’s my favourite of IG. The spontaneity and cleanness of some of her photos invites to wake up and have a coffe in chill mornings before the sun rises with no fuss. Of course, living in Orkney (Scotland, UK) helps to get amazing countryside pictures, but is her talent what makes a difference, she understands the light. Her moody kitchen pics are goals.

2. Me_And_Orla

She’s a true IG guru, not only for her large following but for her effort to learn and understand the visual network and introduce it to us. Good to learn from her tips and posts. The british IGer teachs Insta-Courses and has a podcast #Hashtagauthentic, useful and nice. Her pictures move between magic and quotidian bliss. She knows well her bussiness, and I feel an special sympathy for her because she knows how hard is to live in a budget back in the days. Her blog is human and beautiful.

Somebody got in touch with me recently to complain about me promoting my Instagram courses at the end of a podcast episode. It wasn't what she listened for, apparently. I was surprised and a little disappointed. To me it seems obvious: if you regularly consume and enjoy somebody's free content, you don't get to complain about the occasional product mention or sales email. I love what I do and would probably do it for free if I were a millionaire, but sadly I'm not, and all those books don't pay for themselves πŸ˜‰πŸ“š. If you wouldn't complain about advert breaks, or magazine ad space, or trailers at the cinema, then please – don't complain to the hard working entrepreneurs, makers, sellers and creatives who are doing their best to balance their budget and their dreams. And for all of you out there, being vulnerable and making it happen: I'm cheering you on πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’•.

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3. OldJoy

Born to be a mother, her joyful feed is an example of photography instinct. Even her simplest photos transmit a feeling and celebrate motherhood in every way. If you know me I’m not very fond of the idea of being a mother myself, but Ï truly appreciate those women who really feel the call, I support her right to be as I reclaim my right to not be a mom. Her pictures are warm, natural, full of smiles and chickens. And you know, I’m all about chickens. I love how she decorates every house she has been, so clean, so white.

4.Emily Quinton

Another Instagram blogger, Emily’s feed is pure creativity. You can feel there’s a lot of understanding and work behind every pic of her. Her style is colorful, cheerful, plenty of inspiration to create product photography. She teaches Insta Courses of photography for makers and I learned a lot in one of them about my Nikon and how to improve my photos for my shops. Her blog is nice and has plenty of resources, inspiration and tips to create your own folk images, or to know when to snap a quite nice photo.


Very creative IGr, Anna’s pictures transmit peace in every way. Fall evenings of rain, tea and books (my favourite), moody color palettes, soft images who make us think we can find a moment for ourselves, the world can wait while we sip a hot drink. Her flat lays are clean and well curated to focus the mind on the idea that everyday magic can happen if you pay attention to details.



Folk Magazine: If you want a lovely, well curated feed to inspire your days and invite you to take your own folk photos, you must follow Folk Magazine. They feature pictures of amazing places and moments taken by amazing photographers and travelers around the world.

Photo by @darrin_stevens #liveauthentic #livefolk #nature @folkmagazine

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Countrylivingmag: Another folk photo gatherer, more focused in decoration, quotidian landscapes, beautiful homes, pets and styling. Very nice inspiration source to make our home to reflect the cozy folk spirits we are. A way to reclaim life in the countryside.

Like something out of a fairytale.✨ #CLscenery #dreamhouse #regram @wernersegarra

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I hope you liked my IG features! Do you know more interesting accounts to share with us? Drop them in comments!



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